Je suis Lycéen / Etudiant Professionnel

1) A Mission for Unofficial Emergency Organization (UNEO)

a. The mission

Report to NGO’s Chief Executive Officer and Financial director. Your office is located in New York, United States. Two years renewable once.

b. Unofficial Emergency Organization (UNEO)

UFF is a non governmental organization based in the US since 1978. Our aim : help victims of natural calamities such as hearth cake, tsunami or blast. Our skills : cleaning destroyed areas, setting temporary hospitals and providing food to victims. We act all over the world, when officials authorities ask us.

2) Fundraising Officer : purpose and skills

a. The mission

The FO will have overall responsibilities for fundraising. He will ensure that regular donors keep supporting our organization. He will manage to find new donors.

b. Main duties and responsibilities

The FO has in charge a team of 15 salaries. He has to get the best of each of them.He has to prompt his team to reach the objectives the CEO decided.He will create a communication support to encourage new donors and to explain what for is the money we raise and has to decide the kind of advertising campaign UNEO will set for year 2011.In case of a big natural calamity, he also will be the UNEO spokesperson to call for fast donations.He will have to report each week to the CEO how much money he raised.He also will take part of the board meetings, to make sure he really understands the strategy and the needs of UNEO

c. Professional background specifications

A five years experience in fundraising is asked (in private companies, foundations or aid agency). A professional experience on the field in an aid organization would be deeply appreciated.The FO must show a real management ability, including ability to motivate and develop skills of others.He must have excellent organizational and planning skills.He must have a strong financial experience.The FO must be able to manage a staff of at least 15 persons.He must be very responsive to unexpected situations.He must have good communication and networking skills.He must be able to work under pressure.Compulsory spoken and written English and Spanish.

d. Personnal specifications

The FO must agree with UNEO philosophy and values.He must be honest to his superiors as well as to our donors. If he notices something bad (such as hijacking or corruption), he has to refer to the CEO.Rigor, patience and sense of humor are qualities we appreciate.

e. Salary

To be discussed