Je suis Lycéen / Etudiant Professionnel

1) The field coordinator should be able to :

  • Manage the daily project activities of the base
  • Facilitate the work of the local team on various levels
  • Summarize, evaluate and update on a regular basis the programs (evaluation of work carried out by international staff, local partners) in accordance with the established planning schedules
  • Be the driving force behind the improvement of existing programs and the general running and management of the base
  • Contribute to past and future programs of the base
  • Maintain regular contact with local working partners
  • Supervise the Security and Logistics Manager in daily security follow-up
  • Analyze how the situation develops; liaise with other organizations on security and, with the general coordinator, determine any changes to the security plan and security levels.
  • Be responsible for the application, compliance and regular updating of the security plan in place both by the local team as by visiting expats.
  • Ensure visitors receive a proper security and context briefing and monitor the security adherence.
  • Provide the General Coordination with security-related feedback and systematically report in writing any security incident involving the teams
  • Recruit, brief, supervise and perform evaluations of local staff when needed/requested.
  • Monitor the daily running of the house / office by the local team.
  • Contribute to communication/advocacy initiatives when requested through among others writing of articles Draft project proposals
  • Contribute to the monthly activities report
  • Write interim and final reports for financial backers.
  • Research and analyse information about changes in the health situation, violations of the right of access to healthcare, general context and security issues as well as obstacles preventing the effective running of medical services, working with the coordination team.

2) Details of responsibilities :

  • Supervise, facilitate and support the local team as well as to act as a main liaison point between the offices.
  • Be in charge of the monitoring of existing programs
  • Represent functions towards partners and local authorities
  • Be in charge of the team security and coordination in conjunction with the security and logistics manager
  • Manage human resources
  • Be in charge of the financial, administrative and logistics management: supervise the work carried out by the Administrator, the Security and Logistics Manager and the Field Co deputy.
  • Be in charge of internal and external communication
  • Carry out planning and draft reports
  • Elaborate the general context work

3) Required competences :

  • NGO or international development experience is compulsory
  • Experience of project management abroad is essential
  • Experience of difficult security contexts is highly desirable.
  • Communications and representational experience is desirable.
  • English: Fluency oral and written

4) Personal skills

  • Sharing of key humanitarian values
  • Analytical approach
  • Maturity, management skills and people skills
  • Autonomous
  • Sociable and approachable
  • Organizational skills
  • Energetic and tenacious