Je suis Lycéen / Etudiant Professionnel

1) Activities

Vocational training

  • Revision of evidence based vocational training models and resources used in the country
  • Work with partners, education bureau and team to develop priority areas for development of vocational training services.
  • Work with teachers at special school to identify training needs & priorities relating to vocational training units.
  • Provide training to special school teachers and representatives of the education bureau, and partners regarding how to adapt vocational training teaching sessions for students with different learning needs (related to identified needs).
  • Develop examples of appropriate supporting materials for use in vocational training services at the schools.
  • Consolidate and develop the inclusive education skills of the team and support activities by offering your technical expertise on key aspects of including children with all types of disabilities in the education area.
  • Develop and facilitate training sessions depending on needs.

Access to education

  • Meetings with key stakeholders and actors
  • Working at the county level on consolidating home based learning activities within the current home visit system.
  • Training the staff on developmental activities for use in the home in preparation for schooling, or as part of home based learning
  • Working with the team at the county level to consolidate the screening and referral system for school access within the current home visit system
  • Provide training to community actors screening, and referral processes


  • Revision of current strategy for education within context of current project, action plans and previous reports and consultancies.
  • Provide advice and recommendation on the development of actions for the next project phase, so that the team can develop clear action plan for next project cycle.
  • Ensure that disability knowledge is maintained after the initial insertion training
  • Contribute to the disability training and knowledge skills for continuous knowledge development.
  • Restitution on the mission with key stakeholders (1 day).


  • Training modules and materials and adaptive curriculum for use in vocational training courses that are based in evidence
  • Guidelines for referral process for access to schools
  • Training modules and materials for development activities for use in the home in preparation for schooling, or as part of home based schooling
  • Compilation of lessons learned from previous consultancies and project survey reports
  • End-of-mission report with concrete recommendations and actions required for next project phase

2) Skills and required profile

  • Graduate or post graduate degree in education or special needs education
  • Background experience in other developing countries on education, or developing new services.
  • Experience in inclusive education and communicating with relevant partners
  • Teaching experience in inclusive education.
  • Experience in mobilizing community networks, awareness raising and knowledge in community based support services (life skills, etc.)
  • Previous experience in working on education strategies and production of education related materials, and promotion of education for all children.
  • Experience in evaluating education project (Inclusive education)
  • Strong skills in training, transfer of competencies and advisory tasks
  • Strong skills in developing training and awareness materials
  • Experience in using a strengths based approach
  • Good planning skills
  • Good reporting and writing skills
  • REQUIRED LANGUAGE SKILLS: Fluency in written and spoken English is obligatory
  • French language knowledge would be a plus.

3) Required qualities

  • Strong communication skills
  • Creative, patient and flexible
  • Capacity to adapt to different cultural contexts, especially to adapt his/her communication style
  • Ability to work in a team

4) Statuts and salary

Statuts : CDDEMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS:Salary: salary bracket: 2150-2400euros gross salary + 457 Euros expatriation allowance +100% medical cover + repatriation insurance + family policy( Sources : Educator Advisor – Coordination Sud )