Je suis Lycéen / Etudiant Professionnel

1) Tasks

  • To promote the services to prospective partners
  • To ensure on time recovery of loans
  • To assist the Branch Manager at various stages of the loan processing cycle
  • To work hand-in-hand with the Branch Manager for the management of his portfolio of partners

2) Responsibilities

The promoter is a dynamic worker and an agent of development for the programme as well as the community it serves. He reports directly to the Branch Manager

  • To promote the Programme : field promotion and office promotion
  • To ensure applications and credit decision for the loan processing
  • In charge of collection, failure’s management in the loan recovery and saving withdrawals
  • To transfer information from the Branch to the partners
  • Participate in all community training

3) Skills required

  • Experience in teaching or social work
  • Experience in microfinance
  • A strong interest in social work

4) Qualities required

  • Good human relations
  • A high sense of creativity and initiative
  • Must be a patient and good communicator, in an intercultural environment
  • Team player